The main purpose of Gran Canaria Logistic & Business Centre ( GCLABC) in Canary Islands, Spain is to facilitate business activities – B2B – between foreign companies and West Africa of all kind of products and services. One of main advantages of the GCLABC is that is located in Gran Canaria, just about 60 miles away from West Africa, with big maritime & air connectivity with African ports and airports.
The main 3 activities are: 
1.-  Products from foreign companies who are willing to sell in West Africa, using our warehouse at the Gran Canaria Free trade Zone. Some of them are Cross Border ecommerce enterprises who just want to have their products in our secure warehouse in Europe for fast shipping to their clients in West Africa.
2.- African products will also be able to store their products in our warehouse in Gran Canaria in order to sell them to foreign companies willing to purchase products from them.  For instance, GCLABC will set up in our warehouse a live streaming ecommerce B2B platform focusing to foreign enterprises who are willing to use this tool to view and purchase African products via live streaming. 
3.- The third point is to sell in China & America products from Spain, mainland Spain and Canary Islands, to companies interested to purchase all kind of products to Spanish enterprises.
Besides all the above we also offer different services like organizing business meetings, tax & fiscal advise, business consultancy, personal advise, land & properties advise, security, etc..


Gran Canaria Logistic & Business Centre offer, among others, logistics services with a high professional and quality standards as operates as a customs warehouse in Gran Canaria Free Trade Zone in the port area of Puerto de La Luz and Las Palmas, in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain, enjoying customs exemptions as well as all tax privileges.
To provide this service we have a warehouse with 6.000 m2 with capacity for 2,500 m2 European pallets and 1,500 m2 for special goods, with fire fighting systems and surveillance latest technology.
Our warehouse has a top software stock control, inputs, outputs and stocks, updated daily and with ESIMAT software. The support of all inputs and outputs deposit is authorized by the competent body, in this case, the Provincial Customs of Las Palmas and can be inspected by them at any time. Therefore, we are obliged to keep a tight control of all stored stocks and documents, any movement of inputs, outputs and even breaks or faults on arrival. Our facilities are equipped with a monitoring service with 11 security cameras fixed and 4 DOME cameras which are recording 24/7 hours. 
Our services include loading, unloading, handling, storage, picking … we have six hydraulic springs, three lifters 2,000 kgr, a retractable machine and six manual pallet trucks. We also do transportation services, both full loads in containers and groupage pallets and packages. At this moment we have four tractors, two sheets of 6 meters and four of 12 meters. Two refrigerated trucks of 10,000 kgr each, two trucks with ramp 10,000 kgr . and two delivery vans.
We are the only customs warehouse in Gran Canaria Free Trade Zone who has inspections carried out by the competent bodies (Customs, Canary Islands Government, Health, Soivre, … ) in our own facilities, avoiding any extra cost shuttle P.I.F, etc.
The services offered are: 
-Consolidation / Deconsolidation. 
-Storage or deposit of goods for unlimited time. 
-Preparation cargo and orders. 
-Groupaje and fractionation. 
-Management administrative and customs. 
-control of stock electronically. 
-Transportation and distribution. 
-Promotion and merchandising. 
-Classification of goods and placing them in their areas.
-Motions for positioning inspection area. 
-Platform importer and exporter. 
-Services storage and supply to the five continents. 
-Depósito Alcohol Attorney for sale in square in the Canary territory and supply ships. 
-Luggage square snuff sales and supply ships. 
-Labeling, SEALING and marking of all types of goods (alcohol, snuff, clothing, cleaning products and personal hygiene, etc …). 
-Authorization Food storage Health Registry. 
The advantages of being in Gran Canaria Free Trade Zone at Las Palmas Port:
1) Tax exemptions. Goods placed in the FTZ are not applicable to them, while their entry and stay in the same, the taxes levied on imports: 
1. Customs duties (TEC) and charges having equivalent effect. 
2. Value added Tax (IGIC-VAT). 
3. Excise duties on alcoholic beverages, fuel and snuff. 
4. Agricultural levies (Prélèvement). 
2nd) Storage. The goods can be stored in the FTZ for UNLIMITED time and goods may be subject to usual operations to preserve them, improve their appearance or marketable quality or prepare them for distribution or resale. 
3rd) Elimination of value added tax. The provision of various services on the goods stored in the FTZ, such as handling, bagging, packaging, trade dress, etc., to be made within the precincts of the same, it is tax exempt value added.
4th) No application of measures of Community trade policy. In the FTZ they are not contingent application or restrictions of any kind. In addition, as an added bonus, the open quotas or quotas, the goods stored in the FTZ can immediately benefit to them, provided that the importer meets the precise requirements. Also there is the possibility of operations for processing under customs control. The ability to transform, in the FTZ, goods originating from third parties prior to its introduction into Community territory countries may be particularly beneficial to the importer in those cases where the initial product is subject to higher tariffs than the final product in which it becomes the effect of these changes. 
5th) International Logistics platform. FTZs GRAN CANARIA allows commercial transactions between companies from non-EU countries without their products pay customs duties or customs duties in relation to their physical location. 
6th) Ability to export or reexport without expensive procedures. 
The authorization for transfer of the goods to our warehouse, is done with a simple telematic procedure called ” LOCATION CHANGE ” . To perform this procedure, you must have all the documentation and we need our clients to provide us the following:
-Copy of B / L . 
-Copy of DUA – administrative document – of origin. 
-Letter of endorsement. 
-Commercial invoice. 
-Packing List